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Most Personal Trainers struggle to get new clients

Even when they do manage to find someone, they are too few to earn a decent living, so their job as Personal Trainers is more complementary than basic. Also when they lose a customer it is not possible to replace him quickly and thus their income shows a deficit. This makes their job unstable and they do not have a steady income.

Why do people trust the Calisthenics Association’s Personal Trainers network?

People want to entrust the care of their body to good hands and that is why they turn to someone who has a good reputation and name. It is difficult to trust a coach who provides his services without belonging to an organization with prestige and credibility. Many people ask us every day to send a coach to their place or area. Be the next!

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It does not matter in which region of Greece you are.
Fitnovation has managed to build a reputation throughout Greece.
They trust us all over Greece, from one end to the other, us and our coaches

Participation in the network of Personal Trainers of Fitnovation is FREE

100% FREE

Your pay starts immediately when the first customer is found.

The platform works from you and for you. That’s why 25% of your revenue is used for advertising to gain more customers and increase your revenue.

Our coaches in addition to their scientific knowledge should have the values that conforms to the principles and ethical values of Calisthenics Association. These rules are mainly rules of conduct and mutual respect which will become known to you if you decide to work with us.